Parttalan EP

by Piresian beach

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released November 1, 2010

cover: sis



all rights reserved
Track Name: Never fear
If the Devil's here to stay
I won't be the one to leave
Wasting all the precious nights
Going wild, going wild

If you leave me carelessly
I would take it easy
Here, I found the final peace
Underneath, underneath

I never fear the Devil

(I just fear God)
Track Name: Summertime
Roasted coastline
Neat bikini line
Now I know why I hate the summertime

Drinking every night
Getting fat and die
Now I know why I hate the summertime

Dancing out of time
Swallowing my pride
Now I know why I hate the summertime

Fucking every night
Sweating all the time
Now I know why I hate the summertime
Track Name: Purr Fuzz
in my room up on the hill bang the bong and drink the beer

ever since I've got the fear that i am weak i want to leave
never gaze at any shoes i'm running barefoot don't you hear and what is all this shakin all you hipsters gonna miss it

little pieces of blood and noise why go outside i stay indoors

all this silence doesn't make sense
gonna shake this lonesome dance
and everybody can fuck themselves
Track Name: Tambourine girl
tambourine girl you ain't no tambourine girl
why are you standing there so sad
lift up your face the following day
you might as well have a band

tambourine girl you ain't no daffodil girl
why do you bother what they say
if you go wild make up your mind
might go your own way