(sold out​!​) I CANNOT SEE FOR MILES

by Piresian beach

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"I cannot see for miles" tapes by Rockpod Records, limited to 100 copies worldwide, IDR 50K (5 Euros excld shipping ), please kindly proceed your order via : whatsapp +62877 81533953 / email : rockpodrecords@gmail.com


released May 15, 2014

cover art by Stanisław Legus legushobodesign.tumblr.com


all rights reserved


Track Name: sex Claws
I've seen death coming to me, it comes, it comes, it comes and it leaves
don't let me out in the dark, it's cold, it's dark, it's cold and it's dark
you know my deepest regret of life, of death - I'm weak as a rat
and you know my sweetest revenge: forget, forget.. I always forget

you don't know what it's like to be a woman with a one-track mind, that I bet

I'll never break down again, again, again, again and again
my face is scarred from hate; it's fate or faith, whatever's the name
your love is vulturous, it's wild, it's tame wahtever's the game
we like to suffer it all - the right, the wrong, we're flying to fall

you don't know what it's like to be a woman with a one-track mind, that I bet
I shake and sweat and it's all because you can save me with your hot sex claws and I beg
Track Name: well who Are you
out of my way, I'm fighting for my peace again
I've got my bones, gonna build them into a sword
all the blood and tissues and nerves are being misused, dancing still they're spilling out and the big black jumper I'm wearing just to cover says he needs a little light

I wanna be who I always wanted to be; the sickest of the clouds, raining on your ground
chilling with some Chilean wine, inhaling a Camel, the mirror shows a little clown. does it ever get better or say there is a shelter when god is outside the town

well who are you
noone told the truth
Track Name: blood In the gutter
I ain't no different from all the girls I'm putting off
except that I'd rather be drinking than making love

and then I go out tipsy, looking for someone to fix me
get it on, get more dizzy, every friday this country's busy

there's blood in the gutter

I feel so devoted, next day I'm going to work and
this smile on my face says 'better be at my deathbed'

there's blood in the gutter

noone asks me why I'm a funny child
I'm a sunny seaside that's called suicide
Track Name: i cannot see For miles
I cannot see for miles and I'm feeling rather blind
it ain't so groovy but it's out of sight
it's when the ancient wisdom fails to heal an animal's mind
and for the things I'm craving I've got no right

I just don't know how to let the good times roll,
imaginary doctor fails to ease my thoughts
I'm scratching skin off my fingernails, what an ugly sight
for my place in the human race I've got no right

and then I open the bottle...
Track Name: Rotten raspberries
teenage dreams, rotten raspberries
I'm falling into my own grave, I don't wanna die like this

inner fear's my worst enemy, the summer sun's only in my dreams
I don't wanna die like this, so won't you come and set me free?

can it be that I'm living free? my mother's mouth spits me in the face
I don't wanna die like this, so won't you come and set me free?
the father's eyes still stare at me - let me whine and set me free
Track Name: Vitamins
all the tremor's on my side coz I've heard that death is gross
eating seeds of life to make my body bloom
and a drink to get me go

groceries are out of goods all over the town and my friend's a tomato
making love is also doing good for my veins so I smoke tobacco

I'm losing vitamin C
I'm losing vitamin O
I'm losing vitamin O
I'm losing vitamin L

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